Hair loss is a common concern for men and women in Jeddah, and the hot climate can sometimes exacerbate the issue. Whether it’s genetics, stress, or lifestyle factors causing your hair to thin, the impact on your confidence can be significant. Various factors can cause it, and for many, it can take a toll on self-esteem. There’s positive news! Scalp Micropigmentation in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, offers a safe, non-surgical solution for achieving a thicker, fuller-looking head of hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an innovative technique that uses tiny needles to deposit pigment into the scalp, creating the realistic illusion of shaved hair follicles. The result? The result could be a thicker hairline, a natural concealment for thinning areas, or even a successful scar concealment. Learn about the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation in Jeddah.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), or hairline tattoo in Jeddah, is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to stimulate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. The procedure primarily involves drawing small pigment dots on the scalp to enhance the thickness and fullness of your hair. Due to the use of various needles, apparatus, and techniques, the procedure, known medically as a medical hairline tattoo, differs from basic tattooing.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is considered a semi-permanent procedure, but the results are long-lasting. The outcome lasts for years and fades away with time due to the body’s ink metabolization. Most patients get 3–4 sessions, requiring 3–4 hours to achieve the expected goals.

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Non-Invasive
Results: Long-Lasting
Duration: 2-3 Hours
Downtime: 3-7 Days
Risks: None
Cost: SAR 490 to SAR 9,990

Scalp Micropigmentation Before And After

Why Do You Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

The major benefit of Scalp Micropigmentation in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is getting a fuller look of hair follicles on the scalp. People achieve the desired results with the way their hair appears. The painstakingly applied pigments mirror the appearance of natural hair follicles, creating the illusion of a bigger, fuller head of hair. We effectively hide bald patches, thinning areas, and receding hairlines to create a smooth, natural appearance. The benefits are often both immediate and long-lasting, improving confidence and self-esteem.

An Ideal Candidate For Scalp Micropigmentation

An ideal candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation is someone who

  • Are physically fit and healthy.
  • Don’t smoke or vape.
  • You may experience baldness, thin hair, or hair loss.
  • Are looking for an alternative to surgery for hair restoration.
  • Have scars from prior hair transplants.
  • Have reasonable expectations for the process and the outcomes.

Who Shouldn’t Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

  • Have allergies. While very few people are sensitive to the pigments used in SMP, it is possible if you have a history of skin sensitivities.
  • Are susceptible to keloids. Keloids are scars that grow larger than usual, and SMP can cause them to appear in some people. This is more common among those with darker complexions.
  • Do you have scalp acne or other skin sensitivities? Avoid using SMP during a breakout or flare-up of scalp acne or other skin sensitivities like psoriasis, as pigment application can be challenging in irritated areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) offers numerous benefits, including:

  • It can replicate hair follicles and color to create a more authentic look.
  • SMP can minimize the need for daily styling and is an excellent choice for those who currently keep their hair short.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation results can persist for years without requiring a touch-up.
  • SMP can help people with hair loss overcome psychological impacts and regain a sense of self-esteem.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation has a rapid recovery time, and people see an instant difference after the first treatment.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation is a less expensive option than hair transplants and requires no downtime.
  • SMP can disguise hair transplant scars, burns, and other scalp scars.

Types Of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

The Scalp Micropigmentation technique shows promise for the following applications:

Male Pattern Baldness

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can make men with male pattern baldness (MPB) appear to have more hair. SMP uses a fine needle and ink to create tiny dots on the scalp that resemble natural hair follicles, giving the impression of short-cut hair. SMP can also help to thicken and strengthen thinning hair.

SMP can help men with different types of hair loss, such as receding hairlines, alopecia, and hair transplant scars.

Full Hair Loss Restoration

If you’ve been dealing with hair loss for years and choose Scalp Micropigmentation for complete hair loss restoration, this minimally invasive process is excellent for giving the look of a full head of hair. Skilled and skilled Scalp Micropigmentation artists counteract the effects of hair loss, giving the impression of a very short haircut. The buzz cut provides a clean, timeless appearance, boosting your self-confidence.

Scalp Scar Camouflage

Many people are anxious about their hair’s appearance. These scars may be the consequence of earlier hair transplant surgery, such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). We inject Scalp Micropigmentation pigments into the scar area and mix them with the surrounding hair. The more prominent and visible the scar, the longer your hair will need to be for effective camouflage.


Alopecia, or hair loss, is a prevalent ailment in both men and women. There are three types:

  • Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness)
  • Alopecia areata, or bald patches.
  • Ophiasis alopecia is characterized by hair loss in the lower back and sides of the hair.

No matter what type of alopecia you have, you can manage its symptoms with a non-invasive hair loss treatment, such as Scalp Micropigmentation.

Thinning Hair

One of the most prevalent Scalp Micropigmentation treatments is to increase hair density in order to treat thinning hair. The density-filling process targets bald patches on your head to make your hair appear more evenly distributed. It also adds a natural, dense appearance to your current hair.

Women’s Hair Loss

Hair thinning is a prevalent condition among women of all ages. However, women do not lose hair owing to genetic reasons. These are a few reasons why women experience hair loss and thinning.

  • Alopecia with cancer treatment
  • Menopause
  • Stress
  • Hormonal variations after pregnancy.
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Certain drugs

Scalp Micropigmentation can help women recover the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in just a few sessions.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses microscopic spots of permanent pigment to create the illusion of thicker hair. A small needle inserts the dots near hair follicles to inject pigment into the skin’s dermis layer, creating a stippled effect that mimics neatly cropped hair.

The SMP differs from typical tattoos in that it does not inject as deeply and uses a different needle apparatus.

Initial Consultation

Scalp Micropigmentation begins with a consultation with a knowledgeable specialist where you discuss your goals, hairline design, and color options.

Pre-Treatment Care

A week prior to your first session, you should:

  • Before your treatment, exfoliate and hydrate the scalp twice daily for at least a week.
  • If you wear a hair system, take it off to let fresh air reach your scalp.
  • The night before, cut the hair with a trimmer.
  • No sunburn.
  • No caffeine (coffee, soda, sports drinks, etc.)
  • No aspirin or blood thinners.
  • Drink water.
  • Eat well.
  • To clean your scalp, use a scent-free shampoo and thoroughly remove any hair-thinning products or fibers.
  • Avoid applying any products to your hair or scalp after cleaning, such as thickening sprays, gels, moisturizers, or hairspray.

During The Procedure

A trained technician can use Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, to address a variety of hair loss concerns. A trained technician typically performs the procedure using a specialized micropigmentation machine. The technician will first consult with you to determine your desired results and choose the right pigment color. They will then use the machine to deposit tiny dots of pigment into the scalp, creating a realistic illusion of hair follicles.

Depending on the size of the treated area, the entire procedure can take anywhere from two to four hours. You may experience some mild swelling or redness after the procedure, but this should subside within a few days. To ensure even absorption of the pigment, you must schedule a touch-up procedure within a few weeks.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a relatively low-maintenance procedure. Once the initial procedures are complete, you will only need to return for touch-up treatments every few years. With proper care, your Scalp Micropigmentation results can last for many years.

Post-Treatment Care

Here are some guidelines for post-treatment care following Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP):

  • For the first 1-2 days, gently clean the area with a clean cotton swab. Avoid using conventional shampoo on your scalp for 6-7 days; however, after 3 days, use a light baby shampoo.
  • After two days, use a small amount of unscented, alcohol-free moisturizer to help with scabs.
  • You can use the clinic’s prescribed moisturizer or try extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Avoid using thick or oily moisturizers, which can clog pores.
  • Avoid touching and picking at scabs that form on your scalp.
  • Keep your scalp out of direct sunlight to prevent micro pigments from disappearing. You can also use sunscreen every day to protect your skin from UV radiation and aid in healing.
  • For 4-5 days after treatment, avoid intense sweating or exercise to keep the ink from “sweating out.” You can also avoid saunas and steam rooms.
  • Do not swim in chlorinated water for a week.

What Are The Side Effects Of Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can have some negative effects, but they are usually small and transient.

  • Redness and irritation last only 1-3 days, as inflammation is a symptom of healing.
  • Each microdot of pigment forms scabs, which typically fade off between 5-7 days, but can take up to 14 days. You should not pick or scrape at the scabs.
  • The skin might become itchy, red, and inflamed.
  • The skin around the injection sites may feel tender and unpleasant.

Cost Of Scalp Micropigmentation In Jeddah

The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ranges from SAR 490 to SAR 9,990. The average cost of Scalp Micropigmentation starts from SAR 3,000 depending on several factors including scalp condition, type of style, area of pigmentation, technician expertise and clinic location. Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah offers effective Scalp Micropigmentation treatment in Riyadh, as well as cost-effective options for hair transplant expenses in jeddah.

Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

In Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Scalp Micropigmentation costs between SAR 490 and SAR 9,990 per session.

The Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah typically charges between SAR 499 and SAR 9,990 for Scalp Micropigmentation in Riyadh.

In Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a hair transplant can cost anywhere between SAR499 and SAR 9,990. Each patient's final cost varies depending on the type of treatment used, the size of the treated region, the clinic's location, and the surgeon’s expertise.

Best Scalp Micropigmentation By Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah

At Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah, we offer the best Scalp Micropigmentation services to help clients achieve a natural-looking hairline and a fuller appearance. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to create realistic hair follicle replications, giving clients the confidence they deserve.

Visit us today to boost your confidence and profile image with Scalp Micropigmentation!

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