Hair is the most essential part of personality for both men and women. Hair loss has become a common problem faced by every third person. But how do you get back your natural hair and confidence? A hair transplant in Jeddah is here for your rescue.

Hair transplant is also one of the most common procedures performed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, due to its popularity and the vast array of clinics equipped with the latest technology. The range of advanced procedures caters to various specializations, from FUE and FUT to PRP. Hair transplant costs in Jeddah depend on how many grafts you are getting and which technique suits you. It is a surgical procedure involving removing follicles from a donor area of good hair growth and implanting them in a different area with less hair volume.

The process is minimally invasive and is mainly used to treat androgenic alopecia. Around the world, the latest surgical hair restoration methods are becoming popular, and due to this, surgeons are engaged in healthy competition and reducing their fees and procedure charges to invite a more significant number of patients.

What Are The Quick Facts Of Hair Transplant Jeddah?

Shock hair loss, also known as hair transplant shedding, is a delayed side effect where transplanted hair follicles fall out about two weeks after surgery. Most people only need one procedure to achieve the desired results. Here are some facts about hair transplants in Jeddah:

  • Cost: Jeddah’s average hair transplant cost is between 15,000 Riyals to 25,000 Riyals.
  • Procedure Duration: The hair transplant procedure can take from 04 to 08 hours.
  • Recovery Duration: Recovery time is 4 to 5 days.
  • Side effects: Some minor side effects include bleeding or cuts.

Some other facts about hair transplants include:

  • Results are permanent.
  • The pass rate is 97%.
  • Anesthesia is generally safe but may cause adverse reactions in some people.

What Is The Procedure Of Hair Transplant In Jeddah?

Hair transplant in Jeddah involves a 4 to 5-hour procedure in which the hair follicles from a donor area are removed surgically, typically from the flanks or back of the head and then transplanted to the receipt area of the scalp where baldness or hair loss has developed. A consistent remedy to hair loss is provided by hair follicles, which continue to develop naturally.

What Are The Techniques Used In Hair Transplantation In Jeddah?

Some hair transplant techniques are designed for different types of hair loss. Let’s discuss them first;

FUE Hair Transplant

Due to its significant advantages, FUE is the most popular and painless method used for hair transplantation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some clinics have begun to extract hair using the “ARTAS” device. This device selects the best hair follicles from the scalp and removes them without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.

Laser Hair Transplant

This procedure is considered an alternative to hair transplant as it is a method that minimizes surgical intervention. The patient wears a head cap that sends laser beams to the weak and damaged root hairs to stimulate growth.

Hair Cloning And Hair-Beating Methods

These two hair transplant methods use genetic engineering and genomics. The methods are very successful in treating hair loss cases where it is not possible to take donor hair from the patient’s scalp, such as when treating alopecia or where there is a need for hair density and strength.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant has many benefits as the results are permanent, and the method promotes natural growth.

  • A hair transplant can boost your confidence.
  • You can grow your hair fuller and more natural.
  • After a hair transplant, you must maintain your procedure for better outcomes.
  • You can wash, style, and cut it exactly like your hair.
  • It gives a long-term treatment while initially costing more than temporary fixes.
  • It offers a prolonged remedy to hair loss in contrast to quick therapies like wigs or topical medications.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Jeddah?

The Hair transplant cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, varies depending on several factors, including the grafts needed, the dimensions of hair loss, the procedure used, the doctor’s expertise and the clinic’s reputation. In Jeddah, a hair transplant procedure typically costs between SAR 6999 and SAR 30,000.

Comparison of Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia

The comparison of hair transplant costs in Saudi Arabia is an essential factor to think about when considering getting this treatment. The location of the procedure is one of the most critical factors that influence the cost of a hair transplant. Let’s properly compare the prices of hair transplants in Jeddah, Turkey, and Dammam to provide helpful information so you may choose wisely.

Hair transplant cost in Jeddah

Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s most thriving city, with an extensive range of facilities. The cost of a hair transplant in Jeddah ranges between SAR 10,000 to SAR 30,000. Always remember that the price of the procedure varies depending on the hair loss dimensions, the number of grafts needed, the method used, and other considerations.

Hair Transplant cost in Turkey

Turkey is known as the land of the Turks, which means this country attracts people towards its beauty, whether for historical places or their people’s beauty. Just because of their vast medical facility, many people prefer Turkey. Hair transplant costs in Turkey are often more affordable than in other countries. In Turkey, prices typically vary between $2,500 (72200 TRY) to $7,500 (216880 TRY), depending on several factors.

Hair transplant Cost in Dammam

Another famous Saudi Arabian city, Dammam, also provides its people with a vast facility for medical surgeries. The Hair transplant cost in Dammam ranges from SAR 10,000 to SAR 36,000. The price is comparable to the price in Jeddah. The amount of hair loss, the number of grafts needed, the procedure, and the clinic’s reputation may all affect the ultimate price, as they can be everywhere.

How Does The Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah Distinguish Itself As A Top Clinic?

Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah is a top-notch healthcare clinic. There are many reasons;

  • Our CCJ clinic prides itself on having a team of highly skilled and participating medical specialists committed to providing the best cosmetic treatment. You can trust us with your procedure; our experts provide accurate diagnoses and efficient treatment alternatives.
  • Our clinic is equipped with the latest amenities and medical equipment to give you access to innovative treatments in healthcare. This makes it possible for us to provide effective and accurate medical procedures which benefit our patients.

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