People, especially women, will be less stressed if, and only if, there is a way to maintain your blowout for weeks or even months. Are you yearning for hair that is frizz-free, manageable, and luxuriously smooth? Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah got you! Keratin Hair Treatment in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a popular hair procedure to enhance your hair look and beautify yourself. It is known as a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that smooths out frizzy hair and adds volume.

Keratin Hair Treatment can smooth out your hair, but always remember that good things do bring other things as well. The popular treatment Keratin does have another “not so pretty” side. Keratin Hair Treatment in Jeddah promises to straighten the hair and make it look more manageable and shiny, but it also brings some health concerns. These concerns are not major but need some attention.

Before booking your Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah appointment at any salon, make sure you have read this information. Let’s move on to what Keratin Hair Treatment is, its pros and cons, and its cost in Jeddah.

Goals Of Keratin Hair Treatment

The main goals of a Keratin Hair Treatment are to achieve smoother, more manageable, and healthier-looking hair. Keratin treatments in Jeddah are highly effective at taming frizz and especially in humid environments, the coating smooths the cuticle of the hair strand, reducing the surface roughness that causes frizz.

The keratin treatment creates a protective layer that shields hair from environmental stressors like UV rays and heat styling tools. This helps minimize future damage and breakage. Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah helps hair retain moisture, leading to a softer, more hydrated feel. This is especially beneficial for dry, brittle hair that lacks elasticity.

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Non-Invasive (Chemical Procedure)
Results: 06 Months
Duration: 1-2 Hours
Downtime: No Downtime
Risks: None
Cost: SAR 360 to SAR 599

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

A Keratin Hair Treatment in Jeddah, also known as a Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Keratin Treatment, is a chemical process that straightens and smooths frizzy, unmanageable The body naturally produces keratin, a protein, for hair, nails, and overall skin. Hair styling products, such as hair serums, sprays, and oils, primarily contain it. Clearly, keratin is actually a misnomer.

Keratin Hair Treatments are semi-permanent hair straightening solutions, which means the results are not going to last longer than 6 months. To straighten your hair, use a formaldehyde derivative or glyoxylic acid solution. It assists in breaking the hair bonds and rearranging them in a more emancipated and straight manner. We then use a flat iron to dry the solution to maximize its effectiveness. Lastly, wash the solution after 1-2 hours to enhance the hair’s volume.

Keratin Hair Treatment Before And After

An Ideal Candidate For Keratin Hair Treatment

Although Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah is a chemical hair procedure, an individual must know whether they are a good candidate or not. Here’s who might be an ideal candidate:

  • An individual struggles with frizzy hair that becomes unmanageable in humid weather.
  • An individual has dry, damaged hair that lacks moisture and elasticity.
  • Anyone with thick, coarse hair, because these can be challenging to manage.
  • Anyone who has color-treated hair.
  • A person seeking to reduce styling time.

What Are The Benefits Of Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin Hair Treatment is full of benefits, whether done at home or by a professional. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah benefits include the one that can make your hair look more shiny and smooth.
  • It can help with an easily manageable and frizz-free transformation.
  • It results in a healthy, glossy finish that makes your hair appear vibrant and lustrous.
  • Keratin treatments create a protective layer that shields hair from environmental aggressors like UV rays and heat from styling tools.
  • Dry, brittle hair lacking elasticity can greatly benefit from keratin treatments.
  • Keratin helps hair retain moisture, leading to a softer, more hydrated feel.

Is Keratin And Japanese Treatment Or Relaxer Same?

Keratin treatments and Japanese hair straightening are not the same. Keratin treatments are separate from other hair straightening procedures, although they are similar in nature. Keratin treatments are less severe than other straightening procedures, sucCompared to other straightening procedures like a relaxing treatment, which is extremely severe, the chemicals in keratin are slightly less toxic.

The primary difference between a keratin treatment and a relaxer is how long they straighten the hair. A keratin treatment temporarily loosens your curl pattern, which disappears over time. Your hair’s texture will gradually return to its natural stateThis is not the case when using a relaxant.e. Relaxers dissolve the molecular connections in hair, permanently straightening it.

Japanese hair treatments and traditional relaxers use ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide to permanently dissolve your hair’s connections, making them significantly more effective on coily hair—but also more destructive. The growing-out phase will also be more dramatic than with keratin treatments, as there will be a clear line when your natural texture returns.

What Is The Process Of Getting A Keratin Treatment?

This is a lengthy process. The treatment takes a few hours, but the duration varies depending on the length and kind of hair.

  • Your hairstylist will first wash your hair to remove any contaminants.
  • Once dry, your stylist will apply the solution to your hair and let it set for 30 to 40 minutes. Your hair will go through an oxidation process, and the solution will settle into the cuticles to start the smoothing process.
  • To administer the treatment, some stylists may blow-dry the hair first. If the treatment is heat activated, the stylist will rinse the hair well before blow-drying and activate the solution with a flat iron.
  • If applicable, apply a light conditioner to replenish moisture and enhance manageability after rinsing.
  • Finally, your stylist can style your hair as desired, showcasing the smooth, frizz-free results of the Keratin treatment.

Post-Treatment Care And Maintenance

It’s crucial to follow specific aftercare instructions provided by your stylist to maximize the longevity of your Keratin treatment. This might include:

  • After a Keratin Hair Treatment, a person should refrain from washing their hair for at least two days.
  • They should also avoid tying their hair too tightly, using harsh shampoos and conditioners, and exposing their hair to salty or chlorinated water.
  • To help the treatment last longer, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. These products are commonly accessible at beauty supply stores, online, and in hair salons.
  • People should avoid washing their hair too frequently, as this can remove the keratin treatment. Instead, attempt to wash your hair once every three to four days with lukewarm water. Applying a leave-in conditioner can also help preserve and hydrate the hair.
  • When blow-drying, use a low heat setting to avoid damaging the hair, and apply a heat protectant product before using any hot styling equipment.
  • Avoid dyeing your hair for at least two weeks after receiving a keratin treatment. This allows the treatment to set and prevents hair damage.
  • Keratin Hair Treatments can have a long-lasting effect. However, the benefits diminish over time, necessitating repeated treatments to maintain the hair’s straightness and smoothness.

Can A Keratin Treatment Grow Hair?

Keratin treatments do not directly promote hair development; however, by straightening and smoothing it, they can make hair appear longer and healthier. Hair, skin, and nails contain keratin, a protein that fortifies and guards against damage. Keratin treatments can improve the condition of existing hair, making it less prone to breakage and damage from environmental stressors such as sunlight and pollution. Because the ends are no longer broken, the hair may appear to grow more quickly.

Most hair types, including curly hair, can benefit from semi-permanent keratin treatments, which can straighten and add gloss. Keratin treatments are less abrasive than other straightening methods, such as relaxers, and temporarily loosen curl patterns that fade over time.

Can You Get A Keratin Treatment With Natural Curly Hair?

Yes, keratin treatments can be useful for curly hair. They can help minimize frizz, define curls, and make hair more manageable. Keratin treatments can also help control flyaways, which are frequent in curly hair. Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah for curly hair relaxes the curl pattern and makes hair appear smoother and more relaxed, but they cannot make it fully straight. Your stylist can tailor the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring you can maintain the desired level of curl.

Can You Get A Keratin Treatment If You Have Dyed Hair?

Yes, you can receive a keratin treatment if you’ve dyed your hair, but you should wait at least two weeks before applying a keratin smoothing treatment. Keratin treatments open up your hair’s cuticle, allowing the active substances to infiltrate and cause your hair dye to fade. However, a keratin or smoothing treatment should not remove your established color if it has been there for more than three weeks.

Some keratin treatments include substances that can lighten or change the color of the hair. After a keratin treatment, your hair may lighten by one or two tones, but after a nanoplasty (a hair straightening treatment that combines nanoparticles and intracellular nutrients to avoid harming the hair), it may lighten by three or four. To acquire the desired color, color it after a Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, or nanoplasty.

Why Won’t Hairstylists Perform Keratin Treatments?

Some hairstylists may refuse to perform keratin treatments due to the potential dangers to both the client and the salon technician. Keratin treatments may contain formaldehyde, a flammable chemical that can cause skin irritation, watery eyes, lightheadedness, migraines, nausea, and nosebleeds.

Can You DIY A Keratin Hair Treatment?

Yes, you can perform keratin hair treatment at home, but they might not be as professional as salon treatments. Some claim that you can’t execute a full keratin hair treatment at home unless you acquire goods from approved vendors and that attempting to do so may result in hair loss.

Is Keratin A Better Option Than Other Hair Treatments?

Keratin Hair Treatments are a better option than other hair treatments since they minimize frizz and blow-drying time, protect and strengthen hair, boost shine, and provide long-term effects. Keratin treatments can also be a safer option than other smoothing treatments because they prevent side effects such as increased hair loss and chemical damage. However, keratin treatments might have adverse effects and raise safety concerns.

Keratin treatments involve applying ingredients to the hair, blow-drying it, and then sealing it with a flat iron. The type of treatment, the temperature of the flat iron, and the porosity of your hair determine the outcomes.

Is Keratin Treatment Safe?

Keratin treatments may be harmless, but they do contain chemicals that can cause negative effects. The treatments use high heat and harsh chemicals, which can cause hair to dry out, become brittle, and break easily.

Potential Drawbacks Of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments frequently involve formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Formaldehyde can also cause other health issues, such as:

  • Eye discomfort.
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Symptoms include a sore throat and cough.

How Long Do Keratin Treatments Last?

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent and can last from two to six months, depending on the brand, application, and lifestyle. If your hair is healthy, the therapy can last up to 5 months, but damage can shorten its duration to only 2 months. Keratin hair treatment for men is also a way to enhance men’s hair. Reapplying the therapy on a regular basis can extend its effectiveness beyond six months.

Cost Of Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah

The cost of Keratin Hair Treatment in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ranges from SAR 360 to SAR 599. The average price for affordable Keratin Hair Treatment starts at SAR 110, depending on various factors, including the condition and length of the hair, the quantity of solution required, the hair expert’s expertise and experience, and the clinic’s or salon’s location.

Keratin Hair Treatment FAQs

Keratin treatments can be a significant investment, with prices varying depending on the salon and hair factors. They offer long-lasting smoothness but require touch-ups to maintain results.

1 Keratin Treatment might last between two and six months, depending on the brand, application method, and lifestyle.

Hair treatments in Saudi Arabia can cost between SAR 499 and SAR 1899. The cost of keratin treatments in Jeddah ranges from SAR 360 to SAR 599. Keratin Hair Treatment is affordable, starting at SAR110.

Best Keratin Hair Treatment By Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah

The Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah offers the best Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah to restore and improve the health of your hair. Our treatment uses high-quality keratin products to eliminate frizz, repair damage, and add shine to your hair. Experience smooth, manageable, and healthy-looking hair with our professional experts at Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah. Your search for Keratin Hair Treatment In Jeddah near me ends here!

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