What Is Penile Enlargement?

Penile enlargement, also known as Penis Enlargement or Phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure to increase the length and girth of the penis permanently. The procedure is mainly designed for men to enhance the appearance and function of genitalia by increasing an inch. Every third man’s confidence is directly affected by their penis size, which can lead to a negative impact on their sexual life as well as their confidence. But now, with the medical surgery advancements, men can get penile surgery without worrying more and losing confidence.

Penile Enlargement in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia is the safest and most effective procedure for individuals looking to enhance their manhood. Apart from penis enlargement surgical procedure, you can also get penile enhancement that can widen your penis. Usually, penile enlargement procedures can also be non-surgical, but it’s not a permanent solution for your desire.

At Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah, our certified cosmetic surgeons are experts in dealing with patients with a penile condition known as “Micropenis,” in which the penis appears to be short and thin. Our aesthetic surgeon not only helps you in increasing your penis length but also boosts your confidence which can lead to a more happy and satisfactory sex life.

Learn more about how penile enlargement surgery is performed, its benefits and risks, standard procedures involved, and surgery results before you get it done. Here are some quick facts of the procedure;

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Surgical or Non-surgical
Anesthesia: Local or General
Sessions: Depends on the type of procedure
Results: Immediate And Permanent
Duration: 45 Minutes To An Hour
Downtime: 3-5 Days
Risks: Mild Bruising, Itching, Discomfort And Swelling
Cost: 14,999 SAR To 19999 SAR

Penile Enlargement Surgery (Phalloplasty)

Penile enlargement surgery is often preferable for individuals who have smaller penis and girth. This procedure not only enhances penis length but also improves its girth. Penile enlargement can be achieved through several techniques, including surgical procedures, Fat injection, Tissue grafting, and penis implants. Some slow and long-term methods include stretching, exercise, supplements, patches, and pumping.

Penile implants surgical procedure involves implants, which are placed within the penis to increase its size. While this procedure can be effective and long-lasting, it carries some mild risks. Phalloplasty is a controversial topic among the issues associated with a smaller penis. A smaller penis can reduce sexual satisfaction and raise concerns about fertility. Some men desire to increase their penis larger than they have instead of smaller penis. Social media, pornography, or societal pressure to serve certain beauty standards can influence some men to seek penile enlargement. If you are too suffering from the same penis concerns, a penis enlargement is perfect for you.

Who Needs Penile Enlargement?

Most of the candidates who are suffering from small penis ask about if they are an ideal candidate for penile enlargement surgery? You will be required to attend an initial consultation with the surgeon who will assess a comprehensive medical history to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the surgery. However, penile enlargement has come to rescue you if you have such concerns;

  • If your penis is smaller in proportion to your body.
  • If your penis size negatively impacts your sexual activities.
  • You have a micropenis (a condition in which your erect penis is 3 inches or less).
  • You have Peyronie’s disease (a bent or painful erection).
  • If you are in good mental and physical health.

In case, if you are not an ideal candidate for penis enlargement, the surgeon will suggest you alternatives including, P Shot Treatment in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. People who have experienced trauma or injury to the penis may consider penile enlargement as an option for reconstruction or functional purposes.

What Are The Benefits Of Penile Enlargement?

Worldwide, Men desire to have large penis which means having the best sexual delights that brings multiple organsams, leading a perfect sex life. Some of the best benefits of penile enlargement brings are;

  • Penile enlargement improves self-confidence if you were previously dissatisfied with the penis size or appearance.
  • Penile enlargement not only increases penis length but also corrects the penis bend, which makes sexual intercourse more painful during penetration.
  • The surgical procedure increments the penis by one to two inches and by more than 30% to 50% thickness and perimeter increase.
  • Penile enlargement enhances the quality of life of individuals with micropenis or other medical conditions that affect the penis function.

Note: The benefits of penile enlargement can be personalized, and seeking penile enlargement should be your personal choice made after consultation with a medical professional.

Types of Penile Enlargement

Penile enlargement can be done in both ways: surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Surgical Procedures

The penile enlargement surgical procedure is mainly designed to get practical and permanent results. It is typically divided into surgical procedures, from ligamentolysis and fat transfer to Penile implants and fillers. Here are the most popular surgical procedures are;

Fat Transfer Surgery

The penile fat transfer procedure involves creating a small incision under the penis skin and utilizing methods like tissue transplantation or fat transfer to increase the penis length or girth. The procedure can be lengthy, often requiring 1-2 hours, and may necessitate a hospital stay.

Penile Augmentation Surgery

Penile augmentation surgery involves the implants surgically implanted into the penis by making small incisions. It provides long-lasting penis enlargement. Penile implants are available in various styles, including silicone, extendable and non-extendable options. This procedure can be effective but carries mild risks, including swelling, bleeding, and scarring.


The ligamentolysis procedure involves cutting the ligament (elastic tissue that connects bones to other bones) that attaches the base of the penis to the pelvic bone, allowing the penis to hang lower and appear longer. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, and you can generally return to a routine within a few days.

Non-surgical Procedures

The penile enlargement non-surgical procedures are designed to increase the penis length, which can be done with several techniques and methods. It can be done with penis pumping, p-shots, vacuum devices, and shock waves. Here are the most popular non-surgical procedures are;

PRP Injections

PRP injections are one of the most popular non-surgical procedures, which involve the injection of hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma substances into the genital area to achieve enlargement in penis length. The results of this injectable treatment are temporary, requiring regular follow-up consultations.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are innovative devices that act as a vacuum around the penis, that draws blood and makes the penis erect. Most men prefer penis pumps to increase the size of their penis temporarily, but the results are not long-lasting. Once the penis is erect, a man can place a constriction ring over the base of their penis. This helps keep the blood inside. Then, remove the penis from the tube.

Penis Extenders

A penis extender is an external device which was created for Peyronie’s disease (connective tissue disorder that causes painful erections). It stretches the human penis in the flaccid state to make it longer. Penis extenders consist of a plastic ring that fits around the penis bottom and two metal rods that attach to the ring. The rods pull the penis, which can cause the tissues to stretch and grow over time.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles and penis tissue, potentially leading to improved size and girth. A known exercise is the Kegel exercise, which involves relaxing the pelvic muscles, and Jelqing, which massage the penis to promote blood flow and tissue growth. Results from these exercises can take several months to see results.

How Does Penile Enlargement Work?

Penile enlargement surgery works in a defined manner and stages;

  • Initial Consultation: The surgeon will assess the candidate’s medical condition and determine the appropriate procedure.
  • Anesthesia: Before the procedure begins, the patient is placed under general or local anesthesia for comfort.
  • Fat Removal: The surgeon extracts fat from the patient’s body and abdomen for grafting.
  • Grafting: The harvested fat is then grafted into the penis to achieve enlargement.
  • Procedure Duration: Generally, the entire procedure is completed within one hour.

After Penile Enlargement Procedure

After the surgery, you will experience discomfort that can be managed with pain relievers. You will also get swelling and uncomfortable erections during this period. Usually, discomfort diminishes within the first week post-surgery. Maintaining a clean environment and body is crucial, and you should shower twice a day after the procedure.

The sterile surgical threads are dissolvable and won’t require removal. A follow-up clinic appointment will be scheduled for wound assessment in one week.

Cost Of Penile Enlargement In Jeddah

The cost of penile enlargement in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ranges from SAR 14,999 to SAR 19,999. The cost can also vary depending on several factors, including the type of procedure, number of sessions, surgeon’s experience, and the location of the clinic or hospital. The final cost will be determined after the initial consultation with the specialist.

Penile Enlargement FAQs

The Safest Penile Enlargement Surgery is the one in which the penis implants are placed under the penis to make it longer in size.

Yes, penile implants can increase the size and girth of the penis, making it erect without pain.

The longevity of penile enlargement totally depends on the type of filler or implants used, the patient's body, and the frequency of intercourse. The more you have intercourse, the faster the filling will go away.

Best Penile Enlargement Surgery By Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah

Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah is the leading cosmetic surgical procedures center that offers several services, from surgical to non-surgical, including penile implants, p shots, and penis augmentation in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are aware that penis enlargement requires sensitive care, and our surgeons ensure attention throughout the process.

Choosing Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah for your penile enlargement surgery can be beneficial in the way that we provide personalized care to each patient. Our clinic is equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment, ensuring that we can provide the most effective and modern procedures available. Talk to us today and schedule an initial consultation so we can discuss your goals and their achievement.

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