Is There Anything Relaxing About Smiling And Cheeks?

Cheeks appear as the most noticeable and attractive features of facial beauty. It doesn’t only serve facial enhancement but makes your face look more contoured and asymmetric. If we say, unfortunately, everyone is not lucky to have enhanced cheeks, that is not wrong. But what is wrong is not trying to improve your beauty by not getting your cheeks augmented. Well, some of us still need to catch a chance of getting cheek implants or fillers done.

Cheek Augmentation in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the most affordable and effective solution for all your cheeky needs. People suffer from hollow, sunken cheeks that often seem like a headache. It lacks self-confidence and causes social anxiety. There are various cosmetic procedures to enhance the cheek’s volume. Cheek augmentation is one of them that makes you look younger and attractive. Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah offers the best cheek augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries.

What Is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek Augmentation, or Malar Augmentation, is a surgical procedure to enhance your cheeks by adding volume. Typically, the term “augmentation” refers to anything more significant. Fortunately, Cheek Augmentation can be done by surgical and non-surgical methods. Cheek fillers and fat grafting are non-invasive, while cheek implants are surgical. The procedure is approved by the FDA, which means there is no severe risk factor.

Malar augmentation is the best option for individuals looking to make their cheeks appear fuller and improve their facial features. It can boost your confidence by making aging marks and wrinkles less prominent. Aside from cosmetic preferences, if any individual suffers from an injury on the cheeks or has congenital conditions, the procedure helps to correct them!

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Invasive & Non-Invasive
Results: Long-Lasting
Duration: 1-2 Hours
Downtime: 1 Week
Risks: None
Cost: SAR 1,199 to SAR 1,600

Cheek Augmentation Before And After

Why Do You Get Cheek Augmentation?

The primary goal of cheek augmentation is to restore the cheeks’ lost volume by giving them a youthful appearance. Cheek augmentation enhances cheeks hollowed parts by injecting hyaluronic acid or elasticity collagen. This lessens the drooping, saggy, or sunken cheeks. This procedure aims to improve an individual’s natural beauty, increase self-confidence, and provide a revitalized facial profile.

An Ideal Candidate For Cheek Augmentation

In general, anyone can get cheek augmentation according to their facial needs. If you want to be an ideal candidate for this procedure, here are some requirements;

  • An individual must be physically fit and healthy.
  • An individual has realistic goals and expectations.
  • Is the one who doesn’t smoke.
  • Is the one bothered by the cheek’s appearance.
  • An individual with flat, sunken, or saggy cheeks.

Types Of Cheek Augmentation

There are mainly three types of zygomatic or cheek augmentation:

Cheek Implants

A cosmetic surgical treatment called cheek implants can give the cheeks a more youthful, defined appearance. There are other methods to finish the process, such as:

  • Malar Implants: With a higher projection, these implants are positioned directly on the cheekbones.
  • Submalar Implants: These implants give the cheekbones more volume, which balances out a hollow or gaunt appearance.
  • Combined Implants: The cheekbones and cheeks are augmented using a combination implant.

Cheek Fillers

A nonsurgical cosmetic surgery called cheek filler provides your cheeks a more defined, fuller appearance. The type of filler that your dermatologist uses will determine how the cheek fillers function:

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) injections include JUVÉDERM® and Restylane.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) injections, including Radiesse®.
  • Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) injections, including Sculptra® fillers.
  • Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) injections, including Bellafill®.

Cheek Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

A cosmetic surgical treatment called cheek fat grafting, sometimes called face fat grafting, replaces decreased facial volume brought on by aging, sun exposure, and other causes. The process uses liposuction to remove fat from a bodily area with an overabundance of fatty tissue.

What Are The Benefits Of Cheek Augmentation?

The goal of having cheek augmentation surgery is to promote your natural beauty and achieve your inner confidence. There are numerous benefits of cheek augmentation, such as:

  • Your cheeks will appear fuller and higher after a cheek augmentation, balancing your facial features and making you appear younger.
  • You might feel more confident and have better face proportions with cheek augmentation.
  • Cheek implants can all fix congenital flaws, facial scars, and facial asymmetries.
  • A natural shadow can be formed along the cheekbones by adding volume with cheek augmentation. This may create the illusion of a more defined and thinner face.
  • Low-volume facial areas, such as the cheeks, can be fuller with dermal cheek fillers. This can sculpt cheekbones and give the midface a more defined appearance.


How Does Cheek Augmentation Work?

Cheek implants are a popular and the most preferable procedure for individuals suffering from hollow cheeks. The cheek implants are mainly injected under the cheek area in this procedure. It helps to contour the cheek’s volume and shape according to the size chosen by the patient to suit facial features. Dermal fillers and fat injections are another excellent option for individuals who prefer a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime and immediate results.

The surgeon first extracts fat tissue from a patient’s stomach, thighs, or any other area with adequate fat supplied before injecting it directly into the cheek area. Injectable cheek augmentation can be enhanced using specialist injections in the crow’s feet and cheek areas. This combination of treatments to the middle part of the face helps restore natural volume and improve tautness and skin tone.

Implants are injected through a small incision inside the mouth or under the lower eyelid. Cheek implants often combine chin augmentation, neck and jawline liposuction, and Buccal fat pad removal.

Initial Consultation

Before cheek augmentation, you must attend an initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. After analyzing your cheek area, he will give you thorough guidelines and determine a few things.

  • Whether or not you are a good candidate for cheek augmentation.
  • If you have had any disease in the past.
  • And you must have realistic expectations.

Your surgeon might ask you a few questions, including:

  • Have you ever had any cosmetic surgery before?
  • Are your expectations realistic?
  • Are you aware of the technique you want to proceed with?


Before a cheek augmentation surgery, the individual attends a consultation session with the surgeon to start taking given medications to make the patient more comfortable during the surgery. The surgeon also discusses the desired outcomes of surgery with you.

  • The patient should adhere to the instructions two weeks before the operation.
  • Stay clear of using alcoholic products.
  • Refrain from taking needless drugs.
  • Avoid using carbonated beverages. soda drinks and other drink items
  • Avoid using blood thinners such as Brufen or NSAIDs.
  • Avoid topical lotions or facial treatments, such as washing your face.

During The Procedure

During your cheek augmentation procedure, the surgeon will administer local or general anesthesia to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Then, a small incision is made inside the upper lip or through the lower eyelid. A cheek implant is placed directly on the cheekbone. In the end, the surgeon closes the incision with stitches.

Cheek augmentation is a simple procedure that can add volume to cheeks that have become hollow. It can be performed in 15 to 30 minutes. If an individual gets cheek augmentation surgery through injectable fillers, one must be aware of the thorough procedure. This procedure mainly injects fillers into the cheek’s hollow area to give volume and improve their contours.

The fat injection procedure starts by injecting fat from your body (any area where fat can be extracted, like thighs) into the hollow areas of the cheeks to enhance them. The two techniques effectively make cheeks fuller but remember; their results are temporary. Cheek implants are intended to be permanent and can be removed if desired. In this procedure, the surgeon uses cheek implants to improve the cheek’s contour.

Post-Treatment Care

After your cheek augmentation surgery in Dubai, a surgeon will place the dressing on the patient’s face for two to three days. If the implants were inserted through inside-the-mouth incisions, you may be given specific mouth rinses to promote recovery. You can expect minor pain after cheek augmentation in Dubai, but no extensive pains are associated with this treatment. You can experience;

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain

Discussing potential side effects with your cosmetic surgeon would be best. The following are the most crucial guidelines that must be adhered to immediately following surgery to ensure its success:

    • After the treatment, wait eight hours before touching the treated region.
  • Steer clear of the sun.
  • Avoid going near the hot spot.
  • Avoid using cosmetics, washing, cleaning, and moisturizing your face excessively.
  • Use no medication until the swelling or redness has subsided.
  • Use ice wrapped in cotton to the affected region if there is burning or soreness.

Cheek Augmentation Follow-Up Appointments

After cheek augmentation surgery, a surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor cheek healing and progress. Often, patients can return to their routine after one week of surgery. However, the doctor may recommend avoiding rigid movement for the first few weeks. Patients should also avoid sleeping on their faces for a few weeks.

Patients expect to see their final results in about four to six months.

What Are The Results Of Cheek Augmentation?

Fuller, softer, and elevated cheeks are possible outcomes of cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentation aims to give the cheeks more volume or lift. The type of method you use will determine the outcome of the treatment; sometimes, a single operation will not yield the best results. If you’ve utilized the fat transfer procedure, the outcome is dependent on how much fat is kept inside the cheeks and how it is induced. Multiple injections are needed to achieve the desired result.

It takes six weeks for the swelling to go down for the benefits to become apparent. The surgeon may recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for the first few weeks following surgery, while some patients can resume normal activities after roughly ten days. Your face will appear fuller after undergoing this cosmetic rejuvenation procedure. Patients may find that their cheekbones appear raised in certain situations.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation risks or complications, while rare, include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Cheeks augmentation Asymmetry
  • Bleeding
  • Cheek implant displacement
  • Fatty cysts
  • Infection
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Inimical scarring

These risks and others will be thoroughly discussed before your consent. You must address all your questions directly with your plastic surgeon.

Cost Of Cheek Augmentation In Jeddah

The cost of Cheek Augmentation in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ranges from SAR 1,199 to SAR 1,600. The average cost for cheap Cheek Augmentation starts from SAR 999, depending on various factors, including the type of procedure, the surgeon’s expertise and experience, and clinic location.

Usually, health insurance coverage does not include the cost of Cheek augmentation plastic surgery. Most health insurance providers do not have it in their policies because it is optional. Consider that the exact price of cheek augmentation should be determined by speaking with a board-certified surgeon based on your unique requirements and reasonable expectations..

Cheek Augmentation FAQs

The average cost of cheek implants is SAR 999, according to the latest statistics from the Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah.

Although facial implants are meant to last a lifetime, they can be taken out if needed.

Fillers are a great alternative if you wish to try the augmentation treatment first. They will let you determine if you like the altered facial structure. However, if you're looking for an immediate, permanent, one-stop answer, obtaining a face implant might be more feasible.

Best Cheek Augmentation By Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah

Our exceptional combination of modernity and culture at Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah makes us a popular choice for cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah is an excellent option for your cheek augmentation quest for the following convincing reasons:

  • With complete guarantees of safety and effectiveness, we offer cutting-edge therapies at reasonable costs, all under the supervision of highly skilled practitioners and with advanced techniques and technology.
  • You should understand this advanced occurrence of cheek augmentation in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia if you want to look young, vibrant, and expressive.
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