Clear, youthful skin is a coveted dream for many. But as time goes by, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging can appear, leaving you longing for a way to restore your youthful glow. Aging is the most significant factor in skin dullness, smile lines, and crows feet. Good skincare can make you glow even in old age, but negligence in your skincare routine can make you look old. Aging is natural, but spending it like a fine wine is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Well, what’s more perfect than finding a treatment that works like magic without undergoing the knife? HIFU Treatment is the best non-surgical procedure for individuals looking to tighten and lift their loosened skin by producing elastic collagen. But that’s not all that HIFU treatment does. Now, at Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah, you can quickly get affordable HIFU Treatment in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We offer the best HIFU Treatment that helps with Brow lifts, Chin Lifts, and Cheek Lifts.

What Is HIFU Treatment?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU Treatment in Jeddah, is a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound heat waves that destroy the targeted area’s tissues and lift loose skin tissues by tightening them with elastic collagen. It is considered to be a non-surgical version of Facelift surgery. As with modern technology, medical advancement also helps provide more efficient and quick results without the knife. The procedure is popular in sculpting and contouring your overall appearance.

The HIFU technique mainly treats several diseases, including tumors, uterine fibroids, and tremors. It is a safe procedure, but always consult a medical expert to discuss your goals and determine if this option is right for you.

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Non-Invasive
Sessions: 2-3 Sessions
Results: Long-Lasting
Duration: 30-60 Minutes
Downtime: No Downtime
Risks: Sensation
Cost: SAR 599 to SAR 2000

HIFU Treatment Before And After

Why Is HIFU Treatment Used?

HIFU Treatment is mainly used for specific medical conditions, including:

  • The treatment helps destroy cancer cells using high-frequency ultrasound waves in the targeted area.
  • It also helps treat several cancerous cells in the prostate, breast, liver, and pancreas.
  • It is a non-invasive and efficient treatment without risk and downtime.
  • HIFU Treatment reduces wrinkles, tightens loose skin, and improves skin texture.
  • It produces collagen that enhances the firmness of the skin.

Who Needs HIFU Treatment?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment may not be suitable for everyone and is generally recommended for specific individuals who want to address particular concerns. Here’s a breakdown of who might benefit from HIFU treatment:

  • Individuals with mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines.
  • People with sagging skin on various areas of the face and neck, including the jowls, brow line, and under the chin.
  • Individuals seeking a non-surgical alternative compared to traditional facelifts or surgeries.
  • Those seeking a long-lasting effect.

People Who May Not Be Suitable for HIFU Treatment

  • Individuals with certain medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, active skin infections, or pacemakers in the treated area.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not fully understood; it’s generally advised to avoid the treatment during these times.
  • People with severe skin laxity where surgical options might be more suitable.
  • Those with unrealistic expectations about the effects of HIFU.

What Are The Benefits Of HIFU Treatment?

HIFU Treatment in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, offers the exceptional results with the following benefits;

  • Compared to surgeries, HIFU carries a lower risk and other potential surgical complications.
  • With no incisions or stitches, HIFU typically requires minimal downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities quickly.
  • HIFU targets deeper skin layers with focused ultrasound energy, stimulating collagen production.
  • Increased collagen production leads to firmer, tighter skin, effectively addressing sagging and loose skin concerns.
  • As the skin tightens, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly softened, providing a smoother, younger-looking appearance.
  • HIFU can enhance facial definition and create a more sculpted appearance by targeting specific areas like the jawline and brows.
  • HIFU allows for precise targeting of specific areas of concern, such as the brow line, jowls, or around the mouth.
  • Compared to surgical procedures, HIFU offers a safer alternative for individuals seeking to address signs of aging.

Which Areas Are Treated By HIFU Treatment?

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment offers a non-invasive option for addressing various aging and body contouring concerns. The specific areas treated with HIFU depend on the type of treatment being performed:

Facial HIFU

Face and neck are the most common areas treated with HIFU facial treatment, targeting concerns like:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the forehead, eyes (crow’s feet), and mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Skin laxity on the cheeks, jowls, and jawline
  • Loss of facial definition, especially around the brows and jawline
  • Addressing loose skin and improving the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the neck, often referred to as “Turkey Neck.”


  • Abdomen: Targeting stubborn fat deposits and skin laxity in the abdominal area.
  • Thighs: Addressing cellulite, improving skin texture, and promoting a more lifted appearance.
  • Arms: Reducing fat deposits and tightening loose skin for a more toned look.
  • Buttocks: Lifting and sculpting the buttocks, also known as non-surgical buttock lifting.

Brow Lifting HIFU

  • Specifically targeting the brow line to address drooping brows and horizontal forehead lines.

Double Chin Reduction HIFU

  • Focusing on the submental area (under the chin) to reduce excess fat and tighten loose skin, creating a more defined jawline.

Vaginal HIFU

  • Targeting the vaginal tissue to address stress urinary incontinence and improve vaginal laxity.

Types of HIFU Treatment

HIFU Treatment, or High-intensity focused ultrasound in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, can be divided into two main types:

Macro-focused HIFU

Macro-focused HIFU, or Macro-focused High-Intensity Ultrasound, is a precise medical high-intensity ultrasound therapy that can be used for non-invasive HIFU face lifting treatment. It can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Macro-focused HIFU penetrates deeper into the skin tissues and targets deep skin tissues.
  • It is used for body contouring and can be effective in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks for reducing localized fat.
  • Due to the deeper penetration depth, macro-focused HIFU is generally not recommended for facial treatments as it carries a higher risk of targeting unintended tissues and potentially causing unwanted side effects.

Micro-focused HIFU

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is used in micro-focused ultrasound (MFU), a heat technique, to produce heat. MFU is a highly targeted technique that works on the skin’s lowermost layers. HIFU applies multiple beams that can strike fat and bone tissues.

  • Micro-focused HIFU focuses on shallower depths, typically reaching up to 5mm or less.
  • Primarily used for facial rejuvenation and addressing superficial concerns like:
  • Targeting the dermis layer where collagen production occurs stimulates collagen in areas like the jowls, brows, and neck.
  • Due to the shallower penetration depth, micro-focused HIFU is generally considered safer for facial treatments than macro-focused HIFU.

What Are The Results Of HIFU Treatment?

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment offers a non-invasive and promising approach to achieving a rejuvenated appearance. HIFU Treatment stimulates natural collagen production, mimicking the youthful state where the skin naturally produces more collagen. HIFU’s ability to not only boost collagen production but also “repair the existing collagen.” This comprehensive approach can address existing signs of aging by restoring the structure and function of collagen fibers.

How Does HIFU Treatment Work?

HIFU, or high-intensity focused ultrasound, utilizes targeted sound waves to stimulate collagen production and various aging and body contouring concerns. The treatment has minimal or no downtime without any severe risk. It works by tightening and lifting the loose skin and laxity of the skin, improving blood circulation.

After the treatment, the skin seems more sculpted and contoured. It also enhances the glow and shine of the skin with additional exceptional benefits. The best outcomes come from combining this procedure with other age-reduction methods that try to tighten and lift the skin, like radio frequency, threads, botox, and fillers.

Pre-Treatment Care

Before getting HIFU treatment, following some pre-treatment care for the best outcomes is essential. These pre-treatment care instructions include the following;

  • Avoid going outside during sun exposure as it may cause sunburn.
  • Apply SPF 60 sunscreen if you’re going out during daylight hours.
  • Apply moisturizer and maintain moisturized skin to keep it away from drying at least a week before the HIFU.
  • Eliminate skincare products that contain Vit A, Vit B, AHS, and BHA ingredients.
  • Stop using retinol, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid serums as well.
  • Attend an initial consultation with your dermatologist to discuss the treatment outcomes.
  • On treatment day, don’t use any makeup or moisturizer on the treatment area.

During The Procedure

  • The HIFU Treatment in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, starts by cleaning and sanitizing the area where the HIFU needs to be performed. The initial cleaning removes any oils, makeup, or impurities and the treatment outcomes.
  • Often, the dermatologist uses a pen marking strategy on the treatment areas to guide the precise placement of the HIFU device.
  • Depending on your pain tolerance and the specific device, a topical numbing cream might be applied to minimize discomfort during the procedure.
  • The dermatologist will position the HIFU device on the targeted area, ensuring proper application and alignment.
  • The device will emit focused ultrasound waves into the targeted tissues at the predetermined depth and settings. You might feel a slight warming sensation or tingling during this process.
  • The professional will monitor your comfort level throughout the treatment and adjust the settings if needed to ensure optimal results and minimize discomfort.
  • After the procedure, a cooling pack might be applied to the treated area to soothe any redness or swelling.

After Care

Following your HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) procedure, proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and maximizing the treatment’s results.

  • Applying a cool compress to the treated area for short intervals can help reduce any initial redness or swelling.
  • As your skin might be more sensitive to sunlight after the treatment, diligently apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and avoid direct sun exposure, especially during peak hours.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and support the healing process.
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise or activities that cause excessive sweating for the first 24-48 hours, as it can irritate the treated area.
  • Use gentle, fragrance-free cleansers and moisturizers on the treated area to avoid irritation. For the first few days, avoid using harsh skincare products, exfoliants, or makeup that could irritate the skin.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms for at least a week after the treatment, as excessive heat can further irritate the treated area.

How Long Is The Recovery Period?

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment boasts a relatively quick recovery period, appealing to individuals seeking non-invasive solutions for aesthetic concerns. Most individuals can resume their daily activities immediately following the HIFU procedure. However, avoiding strenuous exercise or activities that may cause excessive sweating for the first 24-48 hours is advisable.

What Are The Side Effects Of HIFU Treatment?

While generally considered safe and well-tolerated, HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment can cause some side effects. Before undergoing the procedure, it’s essential to be aware of these potential downsides. Here’s a breakdown of the possible side effects:

  • These are the most common side effects, typically appearing immediately after the procedure and subsiding within a few hours or days.
  • You might experience a temporary tingling or prickling sensation during or immediately after the treatment.
  • Some individuals may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, which is managed with topical numbing cream or pain medication.

Cost Of HIFU Treatment In Jeddah

The average cost for HIFU Treatment in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ranges from SAR 599 to SAR 2000, with an average price of SAR 1500. The final cost of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment depends on several factors, including the treatment area, the type of procedure, the surgeon’s expertise and experience, and clinic location.

HIFU Treatment FAQs

In Jeddah, & Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the average cost of HIFU treatment is SAR 1500, ranging from SAR 599 to SAR 2000.

The majority of patients only need one HIFU treatment session. Depending on the areas being treated and the degree of skin laxity, the operation can take one to three hours. The results will take two to three years to fully manifest, depending on how quickly your skin ages naturally.

The average cost of HIFU treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is SAR 999, ranging from SAR 599 to SAR 2000. The treatment region, the kind of procedure, the experience and skill of the surgeon, and the clinic's location all affect how much high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment will ultimately cost.

Best HIFU Treatment By Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah

At Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah, we understand the desire to maintain a youthful and refreshed appearance. That’s why we offer the innovative HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment, providing non-surgical solutions for a variety of concerns.

Our HIFU treatment for face lifting effectively targets areas like the face and neck, stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin for a more lifted and toned look. Our skilled and experienced team will customize the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring natural-looking and long-lasting results. Book your HIFU Face Lifting Treatment with us today and rejuvenate your appearance without surgery.

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