Ear piercing is a standard cosmetic procedure among people. Men and women of all ages always seek a chance to get their ears pierced. As the world is modern, the ear piercing style has gone from standard lobe and upper lobes to industrial and tragus. Few of us prefer it for styling, while others choose it for cultural purposes. The ear piercing tradition was so popular in the past, but now young boys are inspired by it and getting their standard love pierced.

If different types of ear piercings inspire you, check out our ear piercing in Jeddah and book your appointment. Our ear piercing specialist are well-versed in painlessly delivering the best solutions according to your desire. That’s not all; you can also get your ears pierced at affordable rates in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia.

What Is Ear Piercing?

Ear Piercing is a cosmetic outpatient procedure in which a dermatologist or a pediatrician uses a machine gun or a sanitized needle to make small holes in the ear lobes. By getting an ear piercing, you can wear stylish earrings and ear cuffs. Ear piercing, also known as earlobe piercing, can be done mainly with two methods;

  • Machine Gun
  • Needle

Women used to prefer needle piercing due to fast recovery and to avoid post-procedure pain, but nowadays, machine guns are trendy because of quick procedures. Whether you want lobe piercing or cartilage piercing, we can provide you with the best outcomes so you can style jewelry in the ear.

The procedure of ear piercing works in a way that the pediatrician will mark the ear lobe according to your desire to ensure the piercing is done in the right place. After sanitizing the lobe, the pediatrician will use a machine gun or a needle to make the hole. Ear Piercing with a firearm is a one-shot procedure. Once the piercing is done, the lobe will again be sanitized with alcohol wipes for a germ-free recovery.

Quick Facts

Procedure Type: Non-surgical (outpatient Procedure)
Anesthesia: Local or Ice Pack
Sessions: One-Shot
Results: Immediate And Permanent
Duration: 5-10 Minutes
Downtime:  1-2 Weeks
Risks: Swelling, Allergy, or Infection
Cost: 46 SAR To 50 SAR

Ear Piercing Before And After

Types of Ear Piercings  Newborn Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing Care  Ear Piercing Clinic in Jeddah

An Ideal Candidate For Ear Piercing

To get an ear piercing, one must need to be an ideal candidate for it. You can get your ear piercing done if

  • You are six months (newborn ear piercing) or older. An individual must be 12 or older to get a cartilage piercing.
  • You have good health and don’t have any serious illnesses.
  • An individual must not be scared of piercing and don’t have trauma.
  • You must be willing to stick to post-treatment instructions for fast recovery.
  • You want to demonstrate their style and personality, like donning a variety of earrings.

If you are not an ideal candidate for ear piercing, seek advice from a professional piercer who can provide personalized guidance based on your health and anatomy. If you have underlying health issues, address them before considering ear piercing. Delaying the piercing until you are in better health or have addressed any concerns is better.

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Piercing?

Ear Piercing procedure offers exceptional benefits. This procedure enhances an individual’s appearance for cosmetic reasons with the following benefits:

  • Ear piercing in the middle lobe, known as daith piercing, can influence the body’s immunity to manage irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Piercing on the ear’s bone curves maintains a person’s reproductive and well-being.
  • It contributes to strengthening digestive health.
  • Ear piercings in ear meridian points link the brain’s hemispheres, potentially activating the brain for enhanced mental health.
  • Ear piercing on some point pressure can improve vision, benefiting eye health.
  • It helps boost memory function.

These health benefits and the visual attraction of ear piercings make it a popular choice for many people.

Types of Ear Piercing

Various types of ear piercings can enhance your appearance and make you look more stylish. The choice of gun, needle, and jewelry depends on the earlobe of the ear being pierced.

Earlobe Piercing

This type of ear piercing pierces the soft lower part of the ear, usually known as the standard or upper lobes, and double ear piercing. A sterilized medium needle is generally combined with a labret embellished with a ball, a sparkling crystal, an opal, or a natural stone.

Snug Piercing

Snug Piercing is mainly known as antihelix piercing, positioned along the inner cartilage ridge. It offers a stunning and eye-catching look. The earring or ear cuff placement makes it more amazing while maintaining an element of sophistication.

Helix Piercing

An ear piercing that involves piercing the ear’s upper cartilage, specifically along the outer rim. The piercings in this area can vary in placement and style.

Industrial Piercing

The two holes are pierced in the upper cartilage helix using a needle, and a straight barbell connects them.

Tragus Piercing

Each tragus piercing is unique and can be done with a straight or curved needle, often featuring a small labret earring.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

Similar to tragus piercing, the anti-tragus uses the same needle and jewelry, typically a tiny barbell.

Rook Piercing

The thick cartilage folds above the tragus, and the rook piercing adds elegance to the ear. With the right ear jewelry, it can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

How Does Ear Piercing Work?

Ear Piercing procedure works in a defined manner and stages;

  • Initial Consultation: The piercer will assess the candidate’s medical condition and determine whether an individual is a good candidate for this procedure.
  • Anesthesia: Ear piercing often doesn’t require anesthesia, but if you are too sensitive to pain, the piercer will administer general anesthesia for comfort.
  • Piercing: The piercer will then sanitize your desired ear spot and pierce it with a gun or needle.
  • Procedure Duration: The entire procedure is generally completed within 5-10 minutes.

After-Care Of Ear Piercing Procedure

Ear piercing care is as essential as maintaining a painless piercing. Taking proper precautions and care will help your piercing heal quickly and infection-free. Ear piercing involves sanitizing the piercing spot daily and avoiding touching it repeatedly. You should also avoid swimming and throwing water on the piercing during the procedure’s initial 2-3 days. The recovery period of each individual is different and depends on the piercing they have done. So it is better to take proper after-care for almost two weeks.

Cost Of Ear Piercing In Jeddah

At Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah, the average ear piercing cost ranges from 46 SAR To 50 SAR. It also depends on several factors, including the type of piercing, the technique used, clinic location, ear piercing specialist experience and reputation, and anesthesia fee. The cost of ear piercing will be determined after an initial face-to-face consultation with the piercer.


According to Islam, Muslim men and women are not allowed to pierce their bodies. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has condemned such acts. Women are only allowed to plug their ears and nose, while men are prohibited in Islam.

Ear piercing is not haram for women in Islam, but men are not allowed to partake in such acts. Along this, body piercing, including tongue, cheeks and belly, are not permissible for men and women.

No, ear piercing is not painful, but you will experience a little sensation of itching around the pierced lobe, which will be recovered in 3-4 days.

Best Ear Piercing Procedure By Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah

Get your desired ear Piercing in Jeddah, Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. All ear piercings are available at Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah, ensuring a proficient and hygienic approach to making you look stylish. A one-shot procedure takes no downtime, and minimal pain, like a pinch, will be noticed. Cosmetic Clinic Jeddah takes pride in providing a sterilized environment and expertise for individuals seeking ear piercing. You can prioritize your health by selecting professional piercers and taking proper ear piercing care. Visit our clinic to get your ear piercing done in just one session.

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